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Weather in Arusha,

The dry season runs from June to October and the wet season November to May. The short rains normally run from early November to Early December and the long rains cover the two months of April and May. At this time of the year you are likely to get traditional African thunderstorm lasting about an hour or two, clearing the air, then it is hot.. Or you may get a downpour at night and not get rain again for a few days. During the day the weather is hot and sometimes cool, it changes over time. During morning and late hours the weather is very cold.

Weather in Daresalaam and Zanzibar

Shorter rains start in December and January and the long rains in April and May. Coastal areas are tropical, with warm and humid weather. The evenings are cool and the day time hot.

Local Towns info

Moshi- Moshi town is located in Kilimanjaro region, where the roof of Africa is found (Mt. Kilimanjaro about 5800m above the sea level). It has good roads, different tourist’s hotels, banks, internet cafes and big shops.

Arusha - The city known as the safari capital of Tanzania. It is multicultural and has loads of bars and restaurants as well as banks and internet cafes. Generally it is a commercial and a tourist attraction centre.

Dar es Salaam- It’s one of Tanzania’s main cities, which is situated at the coast of Indian Ocean about 0 degrees sea level. It has different kinds of beaches. The city has good tarmac roads, and other communication systems are also found in the area.

Bagamoyo- This coastal area opposite Zanzibar was first settled by fishermen and cultivators. Its closeness as a mainland port to Zanzibar led to its development as a centre for caravans and an expansion of commerce in slave and ivory. A boat building centre which supplied craft to most traders in the Indian Ocean was established. Bagamoyo is one of most fascinating towns in East Africa
Tanga- This is Tanzania’s 2nd largest seaport and was once the starting point for trade caravans entering the interior of East Africa. Tanga was the site of defeat of British and Indian troops by a German force in 1914.Town which is also located at the coast of Indian Ocean, has different kinds of beautiful beaches

Introduction to Greenbelt Agency

Greenbelt Agency International is a Tanzania non-governmental organization which targets to work with international organization to provide volunteer support to local organizations which are in desperate need of assistance in Tanzania; these will range from poverty-stricken schools to conservation projects.

Every child has right to smile


The objective is to enable volunteers, gain teaching and other work experience and an active exchange of culture in different communities in Tanzania, at the same time providing their services in different projects for free.
In many instances the communities we work in are either less developed or fairly poor, and the assistance they will receive will tremendously benefit the community, particularly volunteering placements of teaching and conservation work.


To build a mechanism for both local and international youth community-based organizations to participate in national development processes hence bring a difference to needy communities.